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  • Alsace Vineyards to Discover by Electric Bike

    Alsace is famous for its exceptional wines and picturesque vineyards. What better way to explore them than by electric bike? In this article, we present the must-visit Alsace vineyards to explore by electric bike from Colmar, an experience made easy by Lokabike. For reservations, call us at 03 69 45 98 91 or book online via this link. Electric bike rental : Eguisheim Start your adventure in Eguisheim, one of the most beautiful villages in France. Its cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, and surrounding vineyards offer an ideal setting for a bike ride. Don’t miss visiting the local cellars to taste exceptional wines. Eguisheim is known for its white wines, especially Riesling and Pinot Gris, produced by passionate winemakers who respect traditions. Electric bike rental : Riquewihr Continue your journey to Riquewihr, another gem on the wine route. This medieval village is surrounded by vineyards and offers stunning views of the Alsace hills. The wines of Riquewihr are renowned for their quality, especially Riesling and Gewurztraminer. As you stroll through the narrow, cobbled streets, you’ll discover historic buildings and welcoming cellars, perfect for tastings. Electric bike rental : Kaysersberg Head to Kaysersberg, voted the French people’s favorite village in 2017. Its authentic charm and rolling vineyards make it a prime destination for wine lovers. After a tasting, climb to the castle for a panoramic view of the valley. Kaysersberg is also known for its Christmas markets, where you can enjoy mulled wine and local specialties while soaking in the festive atmosphere. Electric bike rental : Bergheim Finally, end your escapade in Bergheim, a lesser-known but equally charming village. Its ramparts and flower-filled streets will captivate you. The wines of Bergheim, especially Pinot Gris, are also worth tasting. This medieval village, with its fortified gates and half-timbered houses, offers an authentic experience of Alsatian wine culture. The Joys of Responsible Tasting During your vineyard exploration, Lokabike Colmar encourages you to practice responsible tasting. Enjoy the unique flavors of Alsatian wines while respecting local alcohol laws. We recommend visiting several cellars and tasting in moderation to fully appreciate the diversity of the region’s wines. Conclusion Discovering the Alsace vineyards by electric bike is a unique and memorable experience. Lokabike Colmar offers high-performance electric bikes to accompany you on this adventure. Reserve your bike today by calling 03 69 45 98 91 or using our online reservation service via this link. Set off to discover the wine treasures of Alsace and experience an unforgettable journey through the heart of Alsatian vineyards.

  • Why Choose an Electric Bike to Discover Colmar?

    Choosing the right mode of transportation to explore Colmar can make all the difference. An electric bike offers a unique and enjoyable way to discover the city and its surroundings. In this article, we will explore the many advantages of choosing an electric bike for your visit to Colmar, with the help of Lokabike Colmar. For reservations, call us at 03 69 45 98 91 or book online via this link. Ecological and Economical The electric bike is an eco-friendly option that helps reduce CO2 emissions. By choosing an electric bike, you are actively participating in environmental protection. Additionally, renting an electric bike is often more economical than using a car or other means of transport. Maintenance costs are lower, and you save on fuel and parking. Moreover, with Lokabike's initiatives to promote sustainable cycling, you are part of a movement towards greener mobility. Easy and Accessible Electric bikes are accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level. The electric assist allows you to pedal effortlessly, even over longer distances or hilly terrain. It is the perfect option for families, couples, and groups of friends who want to enjoy a stress-free day. At Lokabike Colmar, we offer a wide range of electric bikes suitable for all ages and levels, ensuring a pleasant experience for all users. Flexibility and Freedom With an electric bike, you can explore Colmar at your own pace. You are not limited by public transport schedules and can easily access places that are inaccessible by car. Make stops wherever and whenever you want to take photos, visit sites, or taste a local specialty. This flexibility is especially appreciated by tourists who want to discover off-the-beaten-path locations and have authentic experiences. Enriched Experience The electric bike allows you to fully immerse yourself in the ambiance of Colmar. You can smell the scents, hear the sounds, and interact more easily with locals. It is a much more enriching and authentic experience compared to other modes of transport. Additionally, by traveling by bike, you help preserve the tranquility of the places you visit, reducing noise pollution and other disturbances. Safety and Comfort Lokabike Colmar ensures that all its electric bikes are in perfect working condition. Our bikes are regularly maintained and equipped with all necessary safety measures. Additionally, our staff is always available to provide advice and assistance. Before you set off, we will give you a brief training on how to use the electric bike and the safety rules to follow. Conclusion Choosing an electric bike to discover Colmar is a wise decision to fully enjoy your visit. Lokabike Colmar offers a range of high-quality electric bikes to meet all your needs. Book now by calling 03 69 45 98 91 or using our online reservation service via this link. Get ready to experience an unforgettable, eco-friendly, and enriching adventure in the heart of Alsace!

  • The Best Electric Bike Routes in Colmar

    Colmar, with its charming cobblestone streets and picturesque landscapes, is an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. Riding an electric bike to discover the city and its surroundings allows you to fully enjoy this beautiful region without getting too tired. In this article, we present the best electric bike routes in Colmar, an unforgettable experience facilitated by Lokabike, your specialist in electric bike rentals in Colmar. For reservations, call us at 03 69 45 98 91 or book online via this link. City Routes Start your exploration with a ride through the historic center of Colmar. Discover Little Venice, with its half-timbered houses and picturesque canals. This neighborhood, often compared to Venice for its romantic canals, is a must-see. Continue your route towards the Unterlinden Museum, where you can admire world-renowned artworks, including the famous Isenheim Altarpiece. Next, head to the Pfister House, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. These sites are easily accessible by bike and allow for an in-depth discovery of Colmar's culture and history. Don't forget to take a break in one of the many cafes to savor a local specialty, such as a tarte flambée or a kougelhopf. Towards the Alsace Vineyards For a longer escape, set out to discover the Alsace vineyards. Follow the wine route and pass through picturesque villages like Eguisheim and Kaysersberg. Eguisheim, voted "Favorite Village of the French" in 2013, is famous for its circular streets and colorful houses. Kaysersberg, with its medieval castle and breathtaking views of the valley, is another gem to discover. These villages are renowned for their exquisite wines and stunning landscapes. Thanks to your electric bike, the climbs will be easier, allowing you to focus on the beauty of the surroundings. Make stops at local cellars for tastings of Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and other Alsace wines, and take advantage of the expert advice from the winemakers. The Castle Route Another popular route is the castle route, which takes you through the forests and hills of the region. Visit the Hohlandsbourg Castle and the Kaysersberg Castle, which offer incredible panoramic views of the Rhine Valley. Hohlandsbourg Castle, perched at an altitude of 620 meters, is an excellent starting point for exploring the region. From this point, you can follow marked trails that will lead you through lush forests and flower-filled meadows. Kaysersberg Castle, on the other hand, is accessible via a gentle climb, ideal for electric bikes. The view from the ramparts is worth the effort, offering a panorama of vineyards and surrounding mountains. Bike Paths and Safety Colmar and its surroundings are well-equipped with bike paths, making the journeys safe and enjoyable. The city has invested in quality infrastructure for cyclists, with well-marked and maintained paths. Make sure to follow traffic rules and wear a helmet for your safety. Lokabike provides safety equipment and advice to ensure your cycling experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible. You can also download cycling apps like Komoot or Strava to plan your routes and track your progress in real-time. Lokabike Services and Assistance Lokabike Colmar is not just about providing you with an electric bike; we are committed to making your experience as pleasant as possible. We offer assistance in case of technical problems and personalized advice to choose the routes that best suit your desires. Our team is available to answer all your questions and provide you with information on local points of interest. Do not hesitate to contact us at 03 69 45 98 91 for any inquiries. Colmar and its surroundings are full of treasures to discover by electric bike. Whether you are a lover of culture, wine, or nature, there is a route for you. Lokabike Colmar offers you a range of high-quality electric bikes to meet all your needs. Book your bike now by calling 03 69 45 98 91 or using our online reservation service via this link. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Alsace!

  • Visit Colmar

    Colmar , a picturesque town nestled in the heart of Alsace, attracts visitors from around the world with its medieval charm, winding canals and colorful half-timbered houses. If you plan to visit Colmar and discover its hidden treasures, Lokabike is here to offer you a unique discovery experience by bike. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the cobbled streets of Colmar to explore its iconic sites, discover its fascinating museums and taste its culinary delights, all at your own pace. Ready to explore Colmar by bike ? Rent your bike from Lokabike and start your adventure now! What to do in Colmar? Walk in the old town : Start your adventure in Colmar by getting lost in the picturesque streets of the old town. Admire the medieval architecture, beautifully preserved half-timbered houses and canals that reflect the colorful facades. With a bike from Lokabike , you can explore every corner of the city at your own pace, stopping to take photos and discovering hidden gems along the way. Want to discover the old town of Colmar by bike ? Rent your bike from Lokabike and go on an adventure! Visit the museums : Colmar is full of captivating museums that offer a fascinating insight into its history and culture. The Unterlinden Museum , housed in a former 13th century convent, is a must-see with its collections of religious art, modern art and its famous Isenheim altarpiece. The Bartholdi Museum , dedicated to the famous Alsatian sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, is also an enriching visit to learn more about the artist's life and work. Want to explore the museums of Colmar by bike ? Rent your bike from Lokabike for an unforgettable cultural visit! Exploring the markets : The markets of Colmar are a sensory experience not to be missed. Whether it's the covered market for fresh produce, the flea market to find vintage treasures, or the Christmas market during the winter months, each market offers a unique atmosphere and a variety of local products to discover. With a bike from Lokabike , you can easily tour the city's different markets and enjoy their lively atmosphere. Want to discover the Colmar markets by bike ? Rent your bike from Lokabike and enjoy a unique shopping experience! Bike ride along the Wine Route : For a truly immersive experience, grab your Lokabike bike and set off on an adventure along the Alsace Wine Route. This scenic route passes through the vineyards, wine villages and rolling landscapes of Alsace, offering spectacular views along the way. With Lokabike , you can rent a road bike or electric mountain bike to travel this iconic route at your own pace. Want to explore the Alsace Wine Route by bike? Rent your bike from Lokabike and set off on an adventure along this picturesque route!

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